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VOX Digital Advertising helps you reach the right audience with highly targeted and timely messaging.

  • When you work with VOX Media, you’ll work directly with a local digital marketing expert to customize a campaign that fits your goals.
  • Our highly measurable digital tools take the guesswork out of advertising by starting with a data-based customer-first approach.
    We go way beyond clicks and impressions – we can show you multiple online conversions, view-throughs and even in-store visits.
  • Digital advertising is affordable – with a highly-targeted approach, you can reach more of the right audience with fewer wasted impressions.
  • Digital advertising is highly engaging and allows you to communicate with your audience wherever they are, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, smart speakers and connected televisions.

VOX Media Makes Digital Advertising Easy

Digital advertising is complex – Our Digital Advertising experts help businesses implement 6 forms of digital advertising strategies that are supported by more than 20 different tactics. VOX Media will help you define your core audience, connect with them through multiple channels, and measure the results as your campaign grows.

Targeted Display

With Targeted Display, we utilize Behavioral Targeting, Retargeting, Keyword Targeting and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Targeting to deliver your ads to the right audience across thousands of different apps and websites. These ads can even look like your social media posts.

Mobile Advertising

As consumers spend increasingly more time on smartphones, it is essential to include a mobile strategy in your digital marketing. Our Mobile Advertising uses location based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach your local audience on their mobile devices.

Streaming Audio

Our Online Audio ads are served to targeted online listeners consuming audio content such as music, podcasts, and sporting events. Your streaming audio ads run across major streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Triton and iHeart.

Video/OTT (Over-the-Top) Advertising

Simply put, video ads offer some of the strongest Return on Investment of any type of advertising. If you have video content, we can help you reach your audience across apps, websites and connected TVs.

Brand Storytelling & Social Video

Let us tell the story of your business with Facebook and Instagram videos and on-air promos. Our on-air personalities will showcase your business, introduce your products & services and show off your location & staff.

Recruitment Advertising

It’s time to rethink your recruitment strategies. Most of today’s professionals are passive job seekers. Reach qualified local job candidates where they are - in the car, at the office or job site, listening to podcasts, browsing websites, watching videos and engaging with mobile apps.

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