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Broadcast Radio and Digital Media are powerful ways to promote your brand. The ability of Broadcast Radio to passionately connect with consumers and the targetability of Digital Media make the combination a unique, customizable promotional tool for your organization. Our strategy combines both and delivers measurable results through Award Winning Commercial Creative and Targeted Digital Messaging that will reach Hundreds of Thousands of your potential consumers.

Our process is simple. We start with a consultation to discuss your organization, competitors, prior advertising campaigns and most importantly your expectations. We will then work alongside our Creative Services and Digital Services Team to develop a Promotional Campaign based on our consultation with you. Our campaigns can be event specific or designed to create Top of Mind BRAND Awareness about your product or service using a combination of Broadcast and Digital tools.

It starts with a FREE consultation. Fill out the form below and our team will reach out to set an appointment with you. The appointment can be in person or virtual and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Once the consultation is completed, our team will get to work and have a recommendation to you within 5 business days. It’s really that simple!

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Meet Our Team

Dave Goddette
Vice President  / Director of Sales
Voice: (802) 654-9315
E-Mail: dave@star929.com

Kacie Loeffler
Local Sales Manager
Voice: (802) 654-9312
E-Mail: kacie@star929.com

Will Skolochenko
Digital Sales Manager
Voice: (802) 654-9311
E-Mail: will@star929.com

Karen Lougee
Senior Account Executive
Voice: (802) 654-9324
E-Mail: karenlougee@star929.com

Bruce Parmenter
Senior Account Executive
Voice: (802) 654-9318
E-Mail: bruce@star929.com

Bernie Cieplicki
Account Executive
Voice: (802) 654-9316
E-Mail: bernie@star929.com

Ken Gilbert
Account Executive
Voice: (802) 388-7563
E-Mail: ken@921wvtk.com

Spencer Lieberman
Account Executive
Voice: (802) 654-9320
E-Mail: spencer@95triplex.com

Bruce Zeman
Account Executive
Voice: (802) 388-7563
E-Mail: bruce@921wvtk.com

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