Radio Advertising

Vermont's Radio Advertising Experts

Radio Uses the Power of Storytelling to reach a Highly Engaged Audience

  • Broadcast Radio has the largest reach of any audio platform.  Nielsen reported, in June 2022, that Broadcast Radio has the largest reach of any media, connecting with 93% of the American public weekly!  That’s over 300 million listeners weekly!
  • Broadcast Radio is a direct connection to the local community and is one of the most trusted platforms that consumers connect with every day.
  • Each Broadcast Platform reaches a specific market segment and your message can be tailored to connect with those consumers.
  • Radio Advertising is a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with consumers while they are commuting, in the office, working around the house, through the radio, smart speaker, computer or listening on their phone.  Radio is everywhere and it is FREE!

VOX Uses 7 Radio Stations to Reach Your Audience

VOX Makes Radio Advertising Easy

Our Multi-Award Winning Creative Services Team, Heritage Influencers and Powerful Reach will connect your Brand with our Local Consumers.

Live Interactive Segments

A 3-5 Minute Interview that can be LIVE or Pre-Recorded and played back at a predetermined date and time.

Talent Endorsement

Our Talent Endorsement Program is a powerful feature that allows our Talent to professionally endorse your product or service.

Live Broadcast Event

We will broadcast LIVE from your business or event.

Promotional Sponsorship

Align your Brand with our Promotional Sponsorship Packaging.


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