95 Triple X

Vermont Pop Radio Station: 95 Triple X

WXXX | 95 Triple X
(Contemporary Hits)

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About 95 Triple X

  • Reach an audience of over 43,000 in the Burlington/Plattsburgh Market.
  • Reach an audience with the Annual Retail Spending Power of over $651 Million in the Burlington/Plattsburgh Metro.
  • Almost 22% of our audience plan to purchase an appliance in the next 12 months.
  • Over 17% of our audience plan to purchase a home in the next two years.
  • Over 31% of the 95 Triple X audience plan to make a major furniture purchase in the next 12 months.
  • Reach a rapidly growing, diverse audience that are developing brand loyalty, making major first purchases, and settling down.  
  • Featuring Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.  The most listened to TOP 40 Morning Show in the USA.
  • Upbeat and Current Contemporary Hit Music from artists like The Weekend, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lizzo.
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