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Vermont Radio Station: Me TV 96.7

Your Home for Timeless and Memorable Favorites!

Nielsen Rated #2 in Chittenden County with listeners 55+

WXZO | 96.7 Me TV FM (Oldies)

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The MeTV FM 96.7 generation of listeners is a key demographic for marketers.
This group represents:

70% of the nation’s disposable income

Home Owners: Approximately 80% own homes

Loads of Travel & Tourism Income: This group accounts for nearly 80% of all travel booked

The largest consumer group in America

Wealthy, educated and sophisticated shoppers

About 96.7 Me TV-FM | WXZO

The Largest Music Library in Burlington/Plattsburgh!

Featuring a Unique Mix of Timeless and Memorable Music spanning the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

Home of “The John Tesh Radio Show” Weekdays 5a-10am

More than 82% of our listeners own a home*

Our listeners have a Total Retail Spending Power of over $219 Million dollars*

*Source: Nielsen Burlington/Plattsburgh METRO P18+ (SP23);
Retail Spending Power Burlington/Plattsburgh Metro P55+ (SP23);
Nielsen Burlington/Plattsburgh Chittenden Country P55+ (SP23)

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