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Recruit Differently

If you’re still relying on the good old “Help Wanted” sign, it may be time to rethink recruitment.

While a sign in your shop window or sidewalk might indicate that you’re hiring, it fails to tell a story other than “no one wants to work here.”

To reach the right candidates, you need to tell your own story (HINT: think culture, not just benefits) and target effectively. Remember, you’re trying to reach candidates that are already employed but are open to new opportunities. They may not be reading the Jobs section in the local paper, so you have to reach them where they are (i.e. listening to the radio, podcasts and streaming audio; browsing websites and engaging with mobile apps; watching streaming video).

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75% of Professionals are Passive Job Seekers!

Most HR leaders say that employer branding has a significant impact on a company’s ability to attract the right talent.

Job candidates want flexibility, information on salary and a clear timeline of the hiring process.

More than a quarter of working Americans weren’t looking for a new opportunity when they found their current job.

Nine out of ten job seekers believe that an employer’s jobs landing page are important for finding information about job opportunities.

How We Reach The Right Candidates

We help you reach potential job candidates with new opportunities

Finding the right employees is often a huge challenge, and with so many traditional and online options for posting jobs it’s hard to know where to start. And then how do you even know if the right candidates will see your job?

Our strategy includes:

Brand storytelling across seven local radio stations, reaching over 175,000 listeners every week

Custom digital promotion, utilizing geographic, behavioral, keyword and AI targeting

Event promotion and audience activation

Custom social videos

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